Here are a few playlists that I put together while writing some review pages. They're sequenced chronologically by release date (more or less). Some are expansive (Beatles, Stones), some are comparatively concise "best ofs" (Dio, STP).

AC/DC (60 songs)

The Beach Boys (100 songs)

Beck (50 songs)

The Beatles (100 songs)

Blur (45 songs)

David Bowie (100 songs)

The Byrds (55 songs)

Cheap Trick (26 songs)

Eric Clapton (75 songs)

Counting Crows (30 songs)

Creedence Clearwater Revival (35 songs)

Cream Live (10 songs)

Crosby, Stills & Nash (39 songs)

Ronnie James Dio (20 songs)

The Doors (40 songs)

The Eagles (40 songs)

Foo Fighters (47 songs)

Guided By Voices (55 songs)

Michael Jackson (38 songs)

Led Zeppelin (50 songs)

John Lennon (30 songs)

The New Pornographers (30 songs)

Pavement (40 songs)

Ramones (60 songs)

R.E.M. (75 songs)

The Replacements (40 songs)

The Rolling Stones (100 songs)

Todd Rundgren (60 songs)

Rush (60 songs)

Sloan (30 songs)

Smashing Pumpkins (65 songs) and Smashing Pumpkins Mellow (40 songs)

Elliott Smith (40 songs)

Soundgarden (45 songs)

Sparklehorse (26 songs)

Bruce Springsteen (100 songs)

Stone Temple Pilots (40 songs)

Van Halen (52 songs)

Various Artists: Great Underrated Guitar Songs (100 songs)

Various Artists: Nuggets (50 songs - see the bottom of my Nuggets review)

Various Artists: Power Ballads (100 songs)

Various Artists: Soulful Pop Rock Volume 1 (30 songs)

Various Artists: Soulful Pop Rock Volume 2 (30 songs)

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