LINKS TO PERSONAL MUSIC REVIEW SITES (most of these sites are no longer actively updated, alas):

The Minor Second
Aphoristic Album Reviews
Everybody's Dummy
Guy's Music Reviews
The Disclaimer Music Review Archive
Only Solitaire George Starostin’s Music Reviews
Mark Prindle’s Record Reviews
Don Ignacio's Music Reviews
Adrian’s Album Reviews
Steve and Dennis and Abe’s Record Reviews


OK, this isn't a review site, but you can view a TON of great music related clips here. If I need to tell you more about this site then you've been living under a rock.

Where good grammar goes to die.

Rate Your Music
This is a site where a community of music fans rate and sometimes comment on the albums in their collection. Being a list nut, I especially like checking out the individual lists that are sprinkled throughout, and the year-by-year rundowns. A great resource for finding out what the fans (as opposed to the critics) really think.

This has become one of my favorite music sites. I especially like their lists, in particular their “10 best songs” and “albums from worst to best” lists (even if I hate the formatting on the latter). The commenters seem more civil and knowledgeable than on most sites, too.

Simply put, this is one of the best commercial review sites out there. Rather than read about it, why not just go there now? Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

This is where you can quickly and easily access a bunch of reviews about a particular album.

All Music Guide
This is an invaluable source for research information. Just don't expect to find consistently reliable reviews or the content of the reviews to match the album ratings.

Rolling Stone
Their Web site flat out blows away their printed magazine, which is simply embarrassing these days (i.e. they’re more concerned with profiling and promoting scantily clad non-talents than real artists) despite infrequent flashes of their old greatness (or at least competence). As for the reviewers, Rolling Stone still has some good writers on staff, along with some writers who must have compromising photos of Jann Wenner. Rob Sheffield in particular is unreadable.

Trouser Press
Back in the day, I discovered a lot of good albums from the last printed edition of The Trouser Press Guide (1996). This Web site includes all the reviews from that book, plus the previous versions and a fair amount of newer reviews. Anyway, The Trouser Press Guide is considered the source for alternative rock reviews by many people, and by and large I find their reviews well-written and quite useful. On the downside, main man Ira Robbins is a bit of a crank, there are no ratings so sometimes it's not quite clear how a reviewer feels about an album, and they seem to be obsessed with the production side of things, in my opinion stressing that aspect of each recording far too much. So it's not perfect, but if you are a fan of alternative rock, the bulk of this site nevertheless qualfies as a must-read.

This is the most extensive site around for checking out alternative/indie artists. My problem with these guys is that they too often suffer from what I call SPIN-itis (i.e. an arrogant "cooler than thou" attitude). However, they do have some decent writers on staff and they always get their hands on the best new indie albums.

Daily Vault
Yours truly used to write for this site many years ago, and it's a good review site that's well worth your time.

The CAT Club
You’ve heard of book clubs, right? Well this is a very cool music club where a bunch of knowledgeable music fans meet every 2 weeks to discuss an album. This Web site has good information about each album as well as links to videos and other miscellaneous cool stuff.

Song Meanings
Ever wonder what the lyrics to a particular song mean? I'd recommend starting with either one of these sites.

Robert Christgau
The self-described "Dean Of American Rock Critics," I personally can't stand this guy and think that he's a smarmy blowhard who is a poor writer and reviewer, but hey he is semi-famous and it's kinda cool that he put all his writings up on the Web, so I'll link to said writings and you can decide for yourself.

Music equipment reviews, production tips and how-to guides.

Beginner tutorials for guitar and ukulele.


As any reader of this site knows, I'm a bit of a list nut. Here are two music-related list sites I like to check out.

Acclaimed Music: Compiles album and song lists from various sources. Contains TONS of lists, including year-by-year lists, various magazines and critics lists, and so on.

Ultimate Classic Rock: Most of these lists are pretty hit and miss (too many lists pick the most popular rather than the best songs) but the reader comments are usually interesting.

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