June 8, 2017,

"Scott's Rock and Soul Album Reviews" no longer exists. Well, it does exist, but not in the way that it used to. Let me explain.

When I started writing about music, both professionally and (mostly) as a hobby, my goal was always to compile my writings into book form someday. This website, which I started almost 15 years ago, was just a temporary solution to get some of my writings "out there" on the web while I was working on my book (which took MUCH longer than I ever anticipated to finish). The easiest, most cost effective way to publish a book these days is as an ebook, and since amazon is the main website worldwide for buying books, it made sense for me to publish my now completed book on amazon.com. So, I'm happy to announce that "The Story Of Rock and Soul Music: Album Reviews and Lists 1960-2016" is now available on amazon.com here.

Regarding this book, I took what I considered to be the best, most relevant writings of my website, revised them further so they were fit for official publication, and added some new lists and other things that were not available on my website. There were many reviews on my website that I felt were outdated or that I no longer 100% stood behind, and I also simply don't have the free time necessary to maintain it anymore. I feel that this amazon book is much truer to my original vision and that it is the best possible version of my old website (RIP).

I will probably continue to write about music in some way, but likely not album reviews as I've done in the past. I may keep some of my list/article/links pages available that are not in my book, as well as a few review pages. I also hope to continue to update the Sports Blog.

I'd like to thank those of you who have supported this website over the years. Hopefully I will be in touch again shortly to share my future writing plans.

Scott Floman

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